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Category: Aside

Don’t Quit

Posting this short poem for a friend that seems to need it now. These words have seen me through most (if not all) the challenges in my life. From launching multi-million dollar games, to raising two wonderful daughters....

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RIP Bandwidth

Well the test stream tonight went well from a functional standpoint. Unfortunately, the bandwidth issues we have been having recently are even more obvious when Fiercekittenz and I try to stream at the same time. A bit...

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Ok, we are doing it!

First stream back in 2 years! Will be getting started with Subnautica Below Zero to ease me back into doing this. While we are playing through that game for a few sessions, I’ll continue to work on setting up some new...

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Getting back into streaming?

Been giving some thought on getting back into streaming again. Not that my life needs to be any more complicated. I’m hopeful that it might provide an outlet for some creativity and encourage me to start sharing views of...

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Member’s section

Finished getting all the sign-up and comments rules in place last night. Today’s focus will be on setting up the Member’s section and injecting more content into the site so it doesn’t look so...

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Basic Framework online

I’ve manage to get the basic framework online for this new blog. I’ve also finished about 1/2 of the member functionality. Just need to solve for VIP access and a way to control comments. I should easily be done by...

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So many challenges

The difficulty in just trying to get a system in place to post a small blog comment and have it look good on the front page is very challenging. Things are coming along, just very slowly.

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