Remembrance and honor

In the United States, Veterans Day remains a day not just for those who served or are in service of the US Armed Forces, but also a day of remembrance for all who have served their country and a reflection on those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.

For the world, November 11th is a milestone of remembrance and honor for the sacrifice made by those in uniform, those who were not given the opportunity to serve but did so regardless, and those who continue to hold up the values of previous generations who fought so hard to protect the present and the future.

As a veteran, I reflect frequently on my time in service. Today is no different. I have lost much, but each day I gain more because of that sacrifice. I carry forward the debt owed and look often at how it can be repaid. I will be a veteran for the rest of my life, and I am proud to be in the company of others who share this eternal bond. Together we find unity, strength, and support. Even though we do not see it in ourselves, there is example to be found within all of us. It is that example which will pay forward for future generations.

This day is a moment to reflect on who we are now and what we strive to become. Rightly so, we should take a moment to compare ourselves with those whose ideals are cemented in duty, honor, and country. When we forget what it took to secure freedom, we endanger peace and cloud the truth. We forget what it means to be a nation, and we lose ourselves to bigotry and hate. Let us choose to be a world of allies. Let us decide today to put first those most in need. Be the better part of yourself and ask no less of your neighbor.

To all our veterans, to all those who did what was right when so many did not, to the brave souls who stood up when so many could not, I salute you! I salute you! You are the better part of us all.


If you are feeling alone, at odds with the chaos around us, or simply need to talk; the Veterans Crisis Line is available at any time of day, 7 days a week.
Call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1